My new office space.

Here is my new cozy little corner at 36, 000 feet above the ground starting from the first of this month. It comes with 8 private suites, fully flat beds, a room service call button, dine-on-demand service, Dom Perignon, a 20 000 Php bottle of red wine, a Beluga caviar meal that costs approximately 5 000 Php per tablespoon at a retail price and of course, an onboard massage, not from me, thank God.

From the very first day that I wore that famous red hat and smeared that tube of naughty red paint on my lips, I just knew that this is where I belong–in First Class. And I am not moving anywhere else for a very, very, very long time. 😀



Seat 2k

Inside the suite.

My favorite feature–the vanity mirror. 🙂

The middle seats with the divider down.

The works…

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