Makeup is an art form.

This artwork requires:

Circle lens to have the biggest round eyes of a doll…

Brown circle lens that I bought from Singapore.

Kim Kardashian inspired false lashes…

A mascara magic to make false lashes look fuller…

And of course, the blackest liquid or pencil eye liner to make the eyes pop…

Now, you are all set. But not without the cutest wig on. Don’t forget to choose the one with the fringe to get that Asian doll vibe.

Voila! One hour later, you are officially a cute Asian doll. Didn’t I tell you this is art. To get from A to B requires more than a steady pair of lady hands. It is skills plus dedication plus patience plus passion plus hardwork plus genius and magic!

Looking like a doll that you just want to play dress up with is asian-tastic! But nothing beats to being able to wake up to days with freedom from all of these paints for your face. Nothing bit a dab of baby powder on your face to keep the shine away. It’s an empowerment thing for me, to know that I still look beautiful as I am. It is even better to have a man and a girl friend who believes in that too. The trick is to learn to embrace looking less perfect. Let’s leave perfection to photoshopped magazines. That’s their job–to sell unnecessary crap. Just like how our creator wants the world to be, anything looks better au natural.
Horay to days like this! Living au natural in the mountains of Mindanao.

But when special nights come around, darling,  it’s a different story. 😉

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