Hong Kong…years later.

It has been forever since my last landing in Hong Kong. I don’t do this flight a lot. I always tried to bid for Manila flight before because it is home and for somewhere nice in Europe like Nice for it’s breath-taking view and for Geneva for the generous layover allowance. I still haven’t gotten Geneva, by the way. They gave it to me once, and they removed it right on the day I was supposed to fly. Those people know a lot about surprises!

By a lucky twist of fate, after being able to swap my Johannesburg with this flight, here I am again, landing in Hong Kong with one red shoe in a puddle during a signal number 3 cyclone. Thank you, Hongkong for the very wet welcome. šŸ™‚

Our bus drove slowly through the rain as I watched the city getting some serious shower.



A red Ferrari under the rain.


A line of bent coconut trees on a building’s terrace.

It was already evening when we reached our hotel. When I opened my bedroom window, flickers of lights of every imaginable color lit up the buildings and bright light from lamp posts flooded the street. It was a beautiful thing to see. Just like a thousand fireflies in a raven black night sky. Not really. šŸ™‚ It was more like peeking through a window from a red light district in Amsterdam with all the neon lights. Kinky!

I never knew how much I missed the tropical weather until I heard the incessant howling of the wind and the not so gentle knockings of the rain on my window pane. Yes, even during the season of typhoons I still miss it. Maybe, I miss it even more when it rains. It felt almost just like home I could almost feel the brewing cyclone unraveling at every square inch of my skin.

Before I get so carried away with the familiarity of the storm and be buried into a deep sleep under the crisp white linens and fresh-from-laundry smell of my pillows, I felt that it was just the right to do–to order room service. Honestly, hotel food is slowly becoming an addiction of mine.


Pulled pork something and fresh mango pudding

The next day was a new day. Like always, of course. The storm had probably passed since it was almost dry, except for a few drizzle every few hours. I put on my shopping clothes, which were slip-on sandals and a slip-on dress for easy removal when trying on a gazillion of clothes. That is one important shopping trick for you. Whenever I go out just to shop, I knew it was going to be a long day. So, first things first–have breakfast!

I went to the hotel restaurant at the top floor instead of heading to a cheaper option like McDonald’s or something. I felt like I deserved it. Also, I feel good when I eat at hotels. I feel like I have so much money to burn even when I really don’t. It is just so much easier to pretend when you eat with heated bone china wares, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

My second entree–SUSHI! These were delicious!

For the main course, I had honey chicken something, which was nothing extra. I could have done it better.

Sweets for my sweet.


My amazing view from the 27th floor. Hongkong in different shapes and sizes.


Views from the viewing deck… Long stretches of skylines and colorful rooftops and several rows of fishing boats. Apparently, the waters of Hongkong is as busy as its land.

While I was taking these photos, two eagles were gliding up and down from the 27th floor to the sea, oblivious, or perhaps, enjoying the audience of a total human stranger.

The location of our hotel could not have been closer to anything and everything. At the basement floor is Ikea, two street lanes across is a posh shopping mall, the entire streets surrounding it is lined with shops of electronics, clothes, food, supermarkets, et cetera and et cetera. I even found snakes and other strange creatures marinated in glass.

Even with the inconvenience of a slight rain, just stepping out into those busy streets, I felt so alive. I don’t think there is a busier street in the world than the streets of Hong Kong. Not even Times Square in the middle of summer. The crazy hustle and bustle of this city were like several doses of energy drinks into my body. I realized that I needed it so bad. My body has turned into a jelly of a satisfied wife after only one year and a half into marriage. My arms and back fats have the worst shape. I am easily content with just slipping into my pajamas and crawling in our bed couch and watch movies together. I am not complaining but my body is. I need my energy back.


So I got my energy back that day…but drained it all during shopping. This is your happy shopper, reporting live from Hong Kong. šŸ™‚

Geeky inspiration.


My circle contact lenses obsession is back.

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