It’s raining in Manila.

To anyone who has travel plans to the Philippines–I give you my good luck.  At this time of the year, you will only love a vacation to the Philippines if you love dancing under the rain. The months of June to September must be avoided if you are looking for that weather that the Philippines is most known for– the tropical summer that never ends.

The good thing about these rainy months though, is that you will no longer need a car to move around Manila. The bad thing is, you might need to rent a boat, or a jet ski, however you like it.

Manila under flood water from

As Filipinos just love posting online anything and everything that is happening at the moment, all you need to know about the flood are posted online. Just check on your Filipino Facebook friends and twitter feeds and you will not even need CNN.

Here are the funniest Manila flood photos over the internet. Taking a funny stab at life at any circumstance is part of Filipino culture.

Photo is grabbed from

On the other hand, the bird’s view of Manila yesterday was slightly not very amusing,in fact, it was hair-raising. The combination of smoke, polluted rain clouds and yellow streetlights made the city look like it was on fire. Never the less, it makes a stunning, eerie photograph.

Credits to the photographer, LouiedaGoddess Oviedo.

Rain or Shine, it is more fun in the Philippines! 🙂

Manansala Photography

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