Viva Espanya.

Espanya because I don’t know how to do the enye in my computer. hah!

I am drunk right  now and I am posting this blog because I was drunk in these photos anyway. Hah again!
We landed at evening in Madrid and thought it was going to be boring. None of my crew wanted to go out except for the cockpit crew who were too old to be in the same wavelength of conversation. Tsk.

By fate, my Lithuanian girl luckily said yes to an evening in the town. The trip to the town proved to be very adventurous. Most of the Madrid people could not speak a word of English, fortunately, I could speak a Spanish word or two. Congratulations, Sharon Jane. 🙂

Still, could not explain how we found our destination later on. We arrived at the center of Madrid at around 11pm or so. It was somewhere in Grand Via or something. We went looking for the Fontana de Cibeles but could not find it. Turned out it was just behind of this building. Just a few feet more of walking and we could have found what we went to the city for. Oh well. Better luck next time.

So, I was posing in this intersection and someone from a passing car shouted “La Bomba.” Should I be insulted or what? Duh. Who cares. If it meant I was skinny, then that is good enough for me.

As for the rest of the night, we tried to quickly finish a pitcher of Sangria because the last train ride departed at 1 in the morning. To the right hand side of the Puerta de Alcala, we found a quite pleasant restaurant that served delectable thin crust pizza and ice cold Sangria. What can I say? I walked around Madrid with a tipsy head, para siempre.

There was a very sultry photo outside the restaurant. I wished I had her arms. My girlfriend wished she had her boobs. Girls! Hahah!

The rest of dinner.

Over cigarette smokes and Sangria during dinner (I did not smoke at all. Just her.), I learned about the strangest national food so far. In Lithuania, their national food is frozen pork. They keep pork with the skin rubbed with finely chopped garlic in the freezer for several days. Days later, they would remove it from the freezer and cut the pork into very thin slices. Without the need for cooking, the thinly sliced pork can then be used as a sandwich of the bread. She said it is the most delectable food ever. Isn’t that weird or what?

A salo, or a low-meat, high fat, salt-cured type of bacon with pepper

Fooling around near the most famous gate in Madrid, or the Puerta dela Alcala.


For like ten minutes, we pretended this was the Fontana de Cibeles.

In the middle of Gran Via…

More of Madrid at midnight…

My girl friend!

Creepy monster photos at the metro station…

Creepier images at the metro station. Boobies galore!

SHOPPING the next day. I am getting more broke each day.

Made in Hong Kong

Found my friend’s plaza in Marid. He was ecstatic.

Proof that I had been to Madrid

Back to the hotel…

And because tonight I am drunk, I have the excuse not to post photos in order…:)

Landing in Madrid with the biggest moon on Earth.

My gellish ail obsession…

Ladies out on a prowl…

And the adventure begins…


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