Chuvaness is over.

I have been following Cecile van Straten for God knows how long. In fact, my dear husband is a living witness to my slight addiction to her blog entries. As far as I can remember, there wasn’t a week when I miss to go online to check her blogsite. She’s very funny, chic, informative, always ahead of the news, fashionable and jologs in a very cute way. And of course, she’s a bitch and painfully unapologetic, but I take that as fierceness…just because I like her.

This entry is not a love letter for chuvaness, by the way, though it is definitely starting to sound like one. This letter, is actually, an official declaration of my self-imposed ban on, which is the only blogsite that I really follow after published its final entry. This is going to be sad, but, from this day forward, my love for chuvaness ends. I am banning her from my necessary doses of cyber stalking for being friends with that sick excuse for an artist, Katinka Simonse, who broke her own cat’s neck and made a bag out of its skin so she can carry the cat anywhere she goes. Knowing about people like her makes me think that this world is so rotten. The only excuse I would take from her is if she’s as crazy as a loon. But art? Bitch, please! I look at you and I see a raging maniac who finds pleasure in parading your trophies of butchered animals to the world. And don’t tell me that you love animals. Cutting them into several pieces with their necks hanging on a wall or on a noose is the most hideous show of disrespect…and a serious mental disorder. I bet you don’t know that you are crazy. Crazy people don’t think that they are crazy.

And for you Chuvaness, good bye. P. S. Making friends with her does not make you look cool.

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” – Russian proverb

Katinka’s mutilated domestic animals.

5 thoughts on “Chuvaness is over.

  1. And I love following the beautyqueenfrommars, always a pleasure reading your blog. Keep it up, for us out here.
    Verzonden vanaf mijn BlackBerry®-toestel

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