Cybersex…It’s more fun in the Philippines.

I am no longer the passionate political person that I was six years ago. When I read about the Arab political revolution in the paper last year–did not stop me from enjoying my Mocha Caramel frappuccino. I really love my Starbucks frappuccino, you know. When I saw the mass riots in Spain yesterday–it did not budge me from my game in my iPad at all. I am trying so hard to beat my husband at Tiny Wings. Grrr.

When I saw the trending censored status updates in Facebook as a peaceful protest against the approval of the R. A. 10175, I thought to myself that it cannot be so bad. Most of the people who reacted violently with the bill know no better anyway. If I will post on Facebook that the Philippine Military stands a chance against the intimidating giant that is China, for sure they will buy it and eat it like that Magnum ice cream craze.

Since I do not want to be among the 80 percent users in Facebook who do that exactly, I paid a little visit to my old friend,Google, for some accurate advice. Whoever you are, especially if you are a friend of mine, you won’t like what I found out.

[ Republic Act No. 10175 ]


SEC. 4. Cybercrime Offenses. — The following acts constitute the offense of cybercrime punishable under this Act:

Lalalalalla…fast forward to Section 4(c)(1)….

(1) Cybersex. — The willful engagement, maintenance, control, or operation, directly or indirectly, of any lascivious exhibition of sexual organs or sexual activity, with the aid of a computer system, for favor or consideration.

Any person found guilty of any of the punishable acts enumerated in Section 4(c)(1) of this Act shall be punished with imprisonment of prision mayor or a fine of at least Two hundred thousand pesos (PhP200,000.00) but not exceeding One million pesos (PhPl,000,000.00) or both.

Ahhh…Alright. If I do it for free then it is okay. Husband, you have to stop paying me for my lascivious services. LOL. Just kidding. 🙂

To my lovely ladies and dearest gents, drinks on me if you are guilty.

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