The forgotten world of Mustang.

The impossibility of sleep at ungodly hours in a barely familiar hotel room led me to read the National Geographic magazine from the first page to the last. I really did not mind. I love reading. With my sometimes unmerciful schedule, I almost forgot how I love being alone with a good book.

As I have told before, Mustang is my favorite car. A red one with white stripes along its hood and roof, to be precise. What a delight it was to find that there used to be a rich kingdom called Mustang that flourished at the top of the beautiful but treacherous mountains of Nepal. The National Geographic team recently uncovered some of its unknown, colorful past. For a kingdom bereft of natural resources, wealth poured in from its salt produce, making it a busy trade route in the 15th century. At this world of technology and machines, many residents of Mustang still live in caves, especially during winter, where the caves provide them warmth. Their basic way of life remains undisturbed by the seemingly addictive clutches of the modern world, except for a few visitors who wander to the roadless path that leads to this forgotten Kingdom.

More than its history, the old Kingdom of Mustang draws visitor for its unworldy elevated sceneries, unique trekking paths and its detachment from the outside world. But maybe not for long. The influence of China is rapidly growing on the daily lives of the people of Mustang. Before anything drastic happen, I wish to walk its beaten path and check my Things-to-d-before-I-die-list: To smoke weed with the monks of Nepal. #YOLO

National Geographic photos of Mustang

The tiny square holes on its top are man-made caves that were painfully carved out by hands. Scaling this mountain is so challenging because the rock crumbles at the touch of the hand.[/caption]

Caves used as Buddhist retreats. Grabbed at

VISA EXEMPTION for Filipinos: Visa upon arrival for no more than 100 USD depending on the length of stay. Yey!

2 thoughts on “The forgotten world of Mustang.

  1. God bless you dear lady. You have had me. From the people of nepal, from my people peace. Hope you and your husband find happiness. And i bless your child , i bless your child good fortune. May he find happiness. My god, my dear god will bless you and your dear child.

    • Your message is so touching. It feels like receiving a blessing from a high priest or some holy person. Or maybe you are. Bless me for having you stumble across my home in the web. May God bless you too.

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