The Ukay-ukay chronicles.

For some lame reason, I always find the drive to keep myself busy and be productive when I am running out of time. Like right now. I have free internet in my hotel room here in Madrid, unfortunately, I couldn’t find my trusty international adapter beneath the ordered chaos that is my suitcase.

So here I am, trying to race against the ebbing life of my laptop.

Two weeks ago, I organized a rummage sale in Dipolog during my week-long vacation in the Philippines. All proceeds will go to a very special Christmas party for the street children in our city. Knowing myself, the plan only materialized less than five days from the actual day of the event. I scampered my way like a rat in sending pleas to friends for unwanted clothes, shoes and bags from their closets and asking permission from the Mayor for the needed venue.

It was not easy. Not many Very few people have it in their hearts to genuinely want to help others. Much fewer people have it in their hearts to genuinely take action to help others. I still considered myself very lucky. I got enough friends and families who donated a portion of their closet. My mom’s closet almost went empty. And our very loyal babysitter for thirty years was very glad to be our first customer.

I have always have poor planning skills. So I was very doubtful of myself to make my event a success. It would have been impossible for me to pull it through if not for my sister Micky who hustled her way through the very stingy crowd, our neighbor Lynnette who spread the word to her friends to donate and buy as well, our other babysitter Dada who took my place in selling the wares because the outdoor air makes me sweat (kidding!), an old friend Michelle who patiently responded to my e-mails and contacted her friend for my venue, my mom for clearing her closet for my rummage sale, my father for his clothes even when he does not know it yet, our lovely donors Donna, Kitz, Divina, Hannah, Lynnette, Aunt Christie, Cheska for offering to donate some of her clothes without me asking her, and to Katrina for replying to me even if we have never talked or met before.

Good morning! Make way for the rummage queen!

Good morning! Make way for the rummage queen!

My sister, Attorney Maricon.

My sister, Attorney Maricon.

Crazy Lynnette

Crazy Lynnette


We managed to get four thousand pesos. I will match it with four thousand pesos as well. All that will take care of the expenses for the Christmas party of fifty street children in Jollibee, complete with its mascot. This would be my first charity. It is very simple. It would last for less than a day. It would feed the kids for only one lunch. But this one lunch could be their only beautiful memory of Christmas. This one beautiful Christmas memory could be their nicest memory in their lifetime. It would be very sad if that is the case, but that is the truth. The truth is often sad to many of these street children.

I intend to keep this event a tradition. So for next year, my lady friends, mark your calendar and say good bye to some of your old clothes please. Thank you very much.

This event is not going to be my last. A lot of ideas are brewing in my mind and they make my heart muscle jiggly with excitement. And just to be clear, this post is not to brag. Well, maybe, a little. But beyond that, I hope this post will inspire many others to do good deeds, just like the way some of my wonderful colleagues have inspired me to do the same.

Be the change you want to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

I wish the world to be a little kinder.



After all the hardwork and temporary loss of dignity from selling all those ukay-ukay in front of St. Mary’s Academy, along the Dipolog boulevard and outside of JRMSC, the event called for a celebration. I capped the day with a dinner with that gorgeous lady in the photo and a lovely friend of ours that proved to be quite a delightful company–the decent bottle of sparkling white wine. Finished the whole bottle in less than three hours. Not bad.

P. S. Cheska, next time, please inform me beforehand if I should wear my heels or not. If I had not worn a dress that night, I would definitely stick a fork in my eye over dinner for sitting next to you.

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