A dangerous place to live.

Rest my little angels.

Rest my little angels.

As I was growing up, the American dream had consumed the mindset of almost every single person in my hometown. Everyone just wanted to have that bright and golden opportunity to enter the United States. If they have to sell everything they got over here, they would do it if that was what it would take. The plane ride ticket to “America” seemed to be the end of the means. On the contrary, I have never dreamed of having to do anything in the US territory, except when it involves shopping and sightseeing.

Today’s Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre validated my disinterest even more. What happened today will forever be a nightmare to all mothers. I have a five-year old little boy of my own and my heart is bleeding from the inside. I am deeply sorry to say this, but the US is just so full of nutcases. The scary part is that they walk and fulfill their daily routine just like totally sane people. I have done several trips to the US and I have seen this with my own eyes. But all you need really is to watch the US television shows to know what I am talking about. Ever heard of “16 and Pregnant” and “Jon and Kate plus 8”, yes? A country full of these plus a lax gun law makes the perfect cocktail for random mass killings. I live in Mindanao, which is probably the least safe part of the Philippines. Schools, malls and public transportation get bombed from time to time. Rich families get kidnapped for ransom especially when it is almost election season. But when anything like that does happen, at least I know why.

May the 18 innocent souls rest in peace today and live in our hearts forever.

Praying for a stricter gun law in the US.

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