Mother’s favorite.

I have always thought that I like to eat spiders, like in Bangkok, where they sell it as a local delicacy or as an attraction to tourists who get drawn to the wonders along the Khao San Road. This WAS in my to-do list before I die for the longest time since I like to believe that I am this adventurous, fun woman. But then, I imagined it as fair-colored and deep-fried and very crispy just like my mom’s deep-fried tiny shrimps. Good enough for a little snack. How the hell does it end up looking like this? This is gross. Just gross. Not for the faint of heart. I would put a lot of things in my mouth. My husband knows that. But these–I would need a major alcohol intoxication before I will have enough grit to let those hairy little legs touch my teeth.

This photo was taken by my sister during her trip to Cambodia-Vietnam-Singapore-Malaysia-Bangkok a few weeks after marking her spot along the endless roads of Ilocos. She has seen more of the Southeast Asia than I have to think that I am the flight attendant just because my mother loves her more. I guess this was also my sister’s gift to herself after the brain-draining bar exam so I hope she will pass the bar as planned. If not…Hmmm…I am still going to be your nice, big sister. I will buy you Red Horse in a six-pack and promise not to laugh…at least not in your face 🙂

The crispy little spiders. Look at those shiny, little butts. Yuck or yum?


Taking a train to nowhere.


Playing the ethereal chubby goddess in Angkor Wat.


Vietnam-Cambodia border


Miss Micky in Saigon


The crowded beach of Phuket


P. S. My sister is single. Drop me a message for application. Whether she prefers the male species or the female, that I cannot be too sure. That is one old mystery even within our family. And by the way, woman, WHO WERE YOU WITH during that long trip????

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