First week of Summer.


Yes, this week is the first week of summer. But only when you are in Australia, the great land down under, that is. While half of the world is huddled in thick coats and winter gloves, here in Australia, longer days of sunshine comes daily along with tiny bikinis, colorful sunglasses and ice cold beer. The best part is, the fun has just began.

So I unpacked my carefully selected floral dress that I bought almost a year ago and wore them for the first time. I waited that long for the day when I can wear the dress without having to worry about the hideous curves of fat around my belly.

As soon as I sashayed into the hotel lobby, a young man approached me and asked me what was my room number? In my mind I was like, “Say what?” He could have at least asked for my name first. Seriously, only in Australia. The same country where a teenage boy casually grabbed my butt cheeks inside a backpacker’s bar like it was the most natural thing to do. Now, it is up to me whether I take it as a compliment or as an insult. Hmmmm…

THE DRESS. I thought it looked cute, not slutty.




Summer in the City



The Sydney harbor is only a five-minute walk away from our hotel.


Sydney Harbor = unlimited (though pricey) seafood!


It was a beautiful day to be outside. The sun felt warm on my skin and the sea breeze was cool on my face. Tourists and locals alike crowded the streets with heavy cameras in their hands and ice cream melting in their mouths. In a shaded area facing the water, a bicycle exhibitionist was busy preparing for his show while a group of Australian aborigines in their traditional outfits were trying to draw in curious spectators with their musical instruments and photo opportunity for a dollar or two. The big city was a beating heart.

The magnificent concrete sails of the Opera House




Underneath the Opera House


The bridge with a nickname–the Sydney Harbour Bridge a. k. a. “the Coathanger.” Aussies are cool like that. This is also the view of a lot of restaurants at the Quay.


A pretty girl with a flower on her hair.


The Opera House once again in a different light.


My tummy is now very much satisfied. Time to indulge my eyes.

Bought a ticket for one to watch the Les Miserables on the big screen. It cost me 18 Australian dollars for a regular showing with the basic screen size. Living in Australia is very expensive indeed.

This popcorn and a bottle of water cost nine Australian dollars. Just regular pricing. I appreciate the way that the serving size of the popcorn is possible to finish unlike the serving in Dubai which is way too wasteful and unnecessary. It has only 90 calories too! 🙂


I went inside the movie house and found myself surrounded with very old people. We are talking eighty year-olds here. If I have lived in Australia as a teenager, I would not be one of the cool ones, that is for sure!

The movie, in general, was entertaining and disturbing at times. I love it that way since the movies is my escape from reality. It was a major bonus that Anne Hathaway was in the casts. But as much as I worship Anne and her epic performance, it was easily overshadowed by Eponine’s wasp-like waistline. Gasp! Eponine’s waistline and Amanda Seyfried’s singing too. I am sorry. 😦

Samantha Barks as Eponine and her legendary waistline.


And that is me in a day. A fifteen-hour flight is still ahead. Hays…

Hello summer from me to you!



P. S. Somebody, PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE BONDI BEACH!!! I have never been there! 😦

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