SAG Awards Night

I almost never post any awards night review about red carpet dresses, but seeing “Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper” looking oh-so-dashing and adorable got me very inspired.

He wore a Tweed three-piece suit and a black bow-tie and a smoldering pout with a bashful half-smile that Sheldon Cooper is very well-known for.

160206842-jpg_032550 (1)

The use of unconventional materials for the suits seemed to be a fashionable trend among the gents. Justin Timberlake was officially making his sexy comeback in a plaid three-piece suit and a pretty boy hair.

160207216-jpg_024630 (1)

Les Miserables’ Eddie Redmayne did not disappoint in a risque velvet number either. Though, the side stitches along his pants looked like they were about to rip.


This was definitely a hot man trend alert on the red carpet–facial hair in all its glory. The gruffier, the better, I suppose. Ben Affleck looked like he had not aged a day since I had fallen in love with him in Armageddon. And that was 14 years ago.


Now, let us take a look at the women. I did not really find a “wow” gown this time. They must have used all their best dresses during the Oscars or at Cannes.

For an unlikely choice, Tina Fey looked the most put together. The hair and the makeup made her look very healthy and cheerful. The accessories were as classy as her dress and they really complemented the whole outfit. I particularly loved her metallic belt. Metal on black looked like a very excellent choice. Isn’t that hair just perfect?


The old Hollywood glamour was a hot pick for the hair that evening, most especially the side-swept style in big curls. This woman looked really stunning in a black gown with playful cutouts and silhouettes. Again, note the gold and platinum metals for her accessories.


I cannot sufficiently explain why I love this gown on her. I guess this looked rather fresh among the ocean of complicated designs and long trains of silks and tulle. This looked simple, very feminine, age-appropriate, fitted her perfectly, and most importantly, she looked very happy wearing it. Her hairstyle was very neat. And those shoes, women just love it when they are strappy and they sparkle at the same time.


My dear Anne, I promise not to talk about this gown as long as you eat a little bit more. I will always love you.


I have heard that Jennifer Lawrence tripped over when her gown got stuck on a chair. I knew that huge bundle of a train spelled trouble from the moment I saw it.

Speaking of beautiful clothes, my cousin-in-law has a lovely collection in her online clothing store. She just got invited by UsTrendy to be featured in their website. Good job! It’s a delightful knowledge that I am surrounded with people that can be my daily source of inspiration.

Here are some of the pieces from her store that I just love to bits. To the young, fun, flirty and fabulous females, cheers!

Follow her collection here









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