A beautiful veiL.

Had a date last night with my hubby to watch Hansel and Gretel and Django consecutively. Watching two movies back to back reminded me of the good old days in my province (circa 1998) when movie blockbusters were shown in couples for only 15 pesos. Right now, the cheapest movie seat is a hundred and fifty and that is only for one film. So, that is a thousand percent increase in fifteen years.

Anyways, on our way home, we took a cab by The Palace hotel, which was right beside Dubai Mall, because the taxi queue at Dubai Mall was snaking as far as the eye can see. True enough, when we got to The Palace, we got our cab in the first second. It could have taken us a good hour if we waited from the mall.

From where the taxi was parked, we had one of the best views of the Burj Khalifa. That night, the Burj was nothing less than majestic. It rose so proudly to the sky, its body of steel illuminated in electrical lights against the blackness of the night, and a third of which just disappeared into the white clouds. I wish I took a photo of it. It was just magical. And then I saw this photo again in my Facebook account. Last night was almost just like this minus the broad daylight. We do not have snow in the desert but we have this.

This photo is not mine. This is a re-post from other people's re-post in Facebook. Unfortunately, I do not know who owns this beautiful photo.

The tallest structure in the photograph is the Burj Khalifa. However, this photo is not mine. This is a re-post from other people’s re-post in Facebook. I would love to name the owner of this photo if I knew.

More foggy photos when I landed in Dubai last October. The visibility from twenty feet away was absolutely zero.This could be a scene from a Zombie movie. No fog machine necessary.






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