Caviar on board.

Photo is grabbed from

Photo is grabbed from First class cabins with the suites have much wider tables than this one. The one in the photo is one of the oldest, hence the absence of the suite.

This is the caviar presentation with Emirates Airlines First class. That little scoop of black pearls in the middle is approximately a single serving of caviar from one tin can. Hard to believe but that one tin can costs around 90-100 USD. It is that expensive that flight attendants are prohibited to consume any of the caviar on board, leftover or not. But there is an exception–the United States flights. Emirates uses wild Iranian caviar in their flights so all of them have to be consumed or thrown away before landing in the US soils. For caviar-loving cabin crews, US flights are a blessing. Indulging on a hundred dollar per two teaspoons of black caviar does not happen easily. The reason being is economic embargo by the United States government on Iran. For six years I never knew why. Until I watched Argo. The hostage crisis of the US diplomats in Iran apparently severed the diplomatic ties between the two countries. It was very bad that even these little tins of caviar got affected. 🙂

P. S. Caviar is best served with a shot of vodka to clean the mouth from other tastes and best tasted on your thumb to reduce its temperature to one’s body. 😉

#OCD on the works. That dish of butter should have been next to the champagne glass, and the empty condiment dish should have been next to the bread.

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