Royce and Singapore.

My ombre nails are ready to see my husband in Singapore tomorrow. Just like the good times, we will be “rendezvous-ing” in Singapore. I just committed a crime right there for “verb-ing” a noun. Wait, make it two crimes. But it feels right at this moment so I am sticking my tongue out at you! πŸ˜›


That’s a nasty pair of lady’s feet. That’s what happens when you work for six years with closed high-heeled shoes on. 😦

Moving on, I will be taking home with me my favorite chocolates in the world—NAMA!!! For me, Royce and Singapore have almost become synonymous. I cannot be in Singapore without buying a few boxes of Nama (Royce) chocolates for take-home.


NAMA is a very exquisite chocolate brand from Japan that tastes like no other. It melts in your tongue and you get that explosion of velvety chocolate, and then it is over before you know it. Because it is very sensitive to the body temperature, it doesn’t even get to your throat. But there will be no disappointments. It will only leave you asking for more.

I have tasted a few brands of expensive gourmet chocolates like Godiva, but Royce is a league of its own. One has to try it to know what it is all about.

This is one weird combination but very tasty.

This is one weird combination but very tasty.

So I would like to give away a Nama chocolate box and another pack of Nama chocolate-coated chips to a lucky reader somewhere out there who will say hi to me at the comment space below. I have never given anything away for readers (let me pretend that I have readers other than my school friends and my husband), I would like to try it for the first time. This is my No. 1 favorite chocolate in the entire universe so this giveaway is personal to me. Since I will be in the Philippines next month, I will be handing this over to the winner in person.

This chocolate is very hard to ship because it melts easily. It even comes with its own cooling gel pack. So this is only open to anybody in Manila or Dipolog, friends or not. Leave your name, then come back after a week, which would be the 8th of May, on a Wednesday. My husband will pick the winner because he will be buying it for me ( he does not know it yet). πŸ˜‰

To Royce fans in the Philippines, it is wonderful news to us all that there are several stores now in the Philippines that sells Nama chocolates. That is a lot of stores of Nama. For about P550 a box, the Philippine economy must be doing fine.

ROYCE’ Power Plant Mall Shop
Stall 318A R3 Powerplant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City,
TEL: +63-2-492-5051

ROYCE’ Greenbelt 5 Shop
Level 1 Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Greenbelt Complex, Makati City,
TEL: +63-2-489-6946

ROYCE’ Trinoma Shop
Third Level (Mindanao Side),
Trinoma, Quezon City,
TEL: +63-2-394-5242

ROYCE’ Eastwood Mall Shop
Level 1, Eastwood Mall,
Quezon City,
TEL: +63-2-409-1354

ROYCE’ The Podium Shop
Ground Floor, The Podium
Ortigas Center, Pasig City,
TEL: +63-2-379-3224

Cake Club,
Bonifacio High Street Central,
Upper Ground Level North East,
Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City,

If you happen to pass through the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan, Royce even has a chocolate factory and museum inside the airport. Check this out.


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  1. chocs lover ko wanna try it…na curious kos lami….wanna try it gyd…hmmm! comment gyd ko..hehe!

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