Putting on my housewife gloves..

These past many days, I have the opportunity to stay at home for several strings of days off. Like right now, I am free for a whole week.

I have always known since I was little that I am not the type of woman who would make a great housewife. But after dipping my toes into its water, I realized that I am not so bad. I might honestly enjoy it if I really try.

I am not sure if this is too housewife-esque, but my husband loved it. Gave a try at vodka jell-o shots. I was surprised at how easy it was to make them.


Here is my recipe, which I grabbed online. 😀

This makes 25 shots.

1 cup Absolut vodka (or any alcohol of choice)
1 cup boiling water
1 pack orange Jell-o

Note: You may increase the boiling water and vodka ratio depending on your preference. You may taste the vodka Jell-o mixture before pouring them into the glasses just to be sure if the taste is perfect.

Put all contents of Jell-o pack into a pitcher. Pour the boiling water into the pitcher. Mix well. Pour vodka into the mixture. Mix well.

Arrange shot glasses or any glass that you like in a tray. Spray glasses with cooking oil so it is easy for the jell-o shots to slide from the glass later. Pour the mixture into the glasses. Set aside the shots in the chiller. They should be ready in an hour or two.

There are many other creative ways to make Jell-o shots. You may have multi-colored ones. You just let a colored mixture to set before pouring another color. As easy as that.

If you have bigger glasses, you may throw in some fruit slices. Or a drop of cherry would make it perfect, if you ask me. 🙂


Or serve them in style like this.




Or even better, serve them in fruit peels.

Simply pour them in an empty half of an orange, then slice them up when they are hard enough.




Oh my G. Cannot wait to try these!



Up next, my personal recipe of vegetarian pizza.

Another very easy recipe if you have unannounced guests.

Simply spread ketchup into the pizza bread. Try not to be too stingy on the ketchup.

Arrange peppers on top of the ketchup spread. I like using two colors of peppers, if available, because they look better.

Arrange tomatoes as well. Dried tomatoes taste better on the pizza, if you have some.


(Optional) Put caramelized onion on top. To make caramelized onion, just sautee white onion (I used the wrong color of onion in this photo) in balsamic vinegar. Later on, add some brown sugar in low heat. Done!


You may add pineapple chunks as well if you like.


For the final touch, the three layers of cheese. I use cheddar, mozzarella and emmental cheese.


Put in the oven for 15 minutes at 160. Serve.

Certified yum! It was like the three kinds of cheeses made love to each other to produce this mouth-watering baby. 🙂


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