Cabin crew uniforms go chic again.

Are you ready for the new generation of cabin crew uniforms?

While the job may have lost its luster from the glorious past, fabulous cabin crew uniforms are getting a strong comeback. Just this week, Air Canada Rogue showcased its new uniform designed by some of its famous local designers. The shoes are by John Fluevog, Marie C Design did the scarves and Cobmex Apparel designed the men’s cardigans.

A few find it too hip but I like it. It has a fresh appeal, very chic and I can totally rock that hat. I am a little bias to maroon shades too.

I don’t think more mature cabin crew need to be afraid to look good in this uniform. As long as they keep their grooming up to the standard, they will look fine and fashionable.



My favorite part of this set would have to be the men's shoes.

My favorite part of this set would have to be the men’s shoes.

And while I got a wonderful surprise of 8 US$ increase in my paycheck, Qantas Air crew got upgraded to wearing Christian Louboutin pumps to work to complement the hot pink and black ensemble by Martin Grant. Whoever he is, he is supposed to be famous. Yep, that is the pair of Louboutin shoes complete with its sexy red soles.

Who represents it better than Australian model Miranda Kerr?


I kinda love it and hate it too. What do you think?

I know that it is going to be fierce, for sure. But with the coat and that hat, it looks a little too costume-esque. One has to act fierce and look fierce with a stunning makeup and great hair to carry this outfit well. Otherwise…I don’t know. But it may grow on me in time…it may not.

A group photo. We gotta give it up for the men for looking so good.

To a more elaborate update, the Louboutin pumps are just for show. Outside the runway, the Qantas crew will be wearing just another regular work shoes. Hahah! I feel so much better now. I felt so destitute for five minutes there. 🙂

I wonder who is next in line for changes. Austrian Airlines, perhaps? Those lovely red stockings have got to go. Please?

myfreeco flickr account

myfreeco flickr account

My favorite cabin crew uniforms.

Virgin!—for its kinky neck scarf.

The always perfect looking girls of Korean Air.

And the ever slim Singaporean cabin crew. Rumor has it that they only have three uniform sizes. If you don’t fit, you gotta go. I don’t get why they always put their hair down in photos when it is never allowed ever at work.

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