First travel of the month.


This is where things happen in Sao Paolo, supposedly the most important district of big businesses and busy streets. Not so busy, it looks like right now. Wait until the sun sets, then its streets suddenly roars with cars connected from one bumper to another. It can easily become the last place on earth that you want to be. Traffic jam moves as slow as an old snail on an uphill climb.

I haven’t really ventured farther than this little area of concrete jungle and that churrascaria restaurant a few blocks away. I am still waiting for that day when my curiosity bugs me nonstop until I get a cab and find out what is out there.

Until then, all of my Sao Paolo memories can be briefly told in this one, unelaborate photograph.

Mind you, this plain day in Sao Paolo is a great start after last month’s amazing journey to Prague, Lyon and Zurich. But this is just the first few sips of my traveler’s cocktail. Cannot wait to sink my teeth into its cherry at the last week of this month. I want this so much that I am having trouble sleeping. But these are definitely the type of sleepless nights that I’d like to have so nobody is complaining. 🙂

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