Nanny in the Sky

Studying never goes without reward.

Whilst in the midst of piles upon piles of papers and online researches for my appraisal which is happening very soon, I stumbled upon a very interesting fact about my line of job. Okay. Being an employee in one of the most prestigious company in the Middle East, I am almost very sure that I have seen the most absurd or extravagant things that are offered in the name of customer service. In-flight chefs? Sure. Free personal butler for a diamond-studded credit card? No problem. Invitation Only memberships. Already common. Personal newspaper holder. A big hahahah, but, it is a yes again. Told you I have seen it all.

But this one that I am going to tell you, I have only heard of today. A Sky Nanny service is offered by Gulf Air. It is not even a recent one. They have it since 2002.

As quoted from

Sky Nanny

Gulf Air provides a unique and complimentary service for families travelling with children and those passengers who aren’t. Working on all wide bodied aircraft flying long haul routes, Sky Nannies help not only during the flight but also in lounges and from the departure gate. Providing a watchful eye on children and keeping them entertained with games, activities and service. Sky Nannies are all qualified and trained by Norland College ensuring a high standard of quality and care.

Honestly, I do not even know what to say right now.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Nanny in the Sky

  1. I think it’s bullshit- they’re pampering kids way too much? Seriously. Too much is too much. I expect my kids to know the rules when traveling (especially with flights included). Go ahead Gulf Air and spoil these little kids..
    Just my opinion though…

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