The most beautiful woman in the world…

…this year. 🙂

I feel it fitting to end my long hiatus from blogging with a lovely post such as this. I congratulate the drop-dead gorgeous, Megan Young for bringing home the Miss World 2013 crown, which was a major source of pride and joy to the country that is stricken with war, corruption and natural disasters in the recent months. Janet Napoles must be very grateful. Megan dear, this post is all yours.

Despite the presence of negative people who will always find something hideous even in the most wonderful of things and circumstances, it cannot be denied how beautiful you are. Bless are the souls who keep on stirring old and lame issues of religion and skin colors. You folks are so boring. Keep calm and smell the flowers, shall we?Or play with your dogs, if that makes you feel better.

The teenage Megan Young.

Teenage Megan Grabbed from

Grabbed from

Rogue Magazine photo shoot from three years ago.



The beauty queen.


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