Pre-nup photos

Before anything else, I would like to thank again and again the talented Kid Soltis and my very lovely Bride’s Maid, Raissa Gallemit for a job well done. I adore our pre-nuptial photos. They were exactly the way I want them–spontaneous, fun and romantic, and most of all, less the cringe factor that I hate with a passion in most pre-nup photo shoot.

For the photo shoot, we carried two spare changes for our clothes and simply walked around Singapore. For our props, we had an umbrella andย  borrowed some abandoned balloons on the street. The entire shoot was done in three and a half hours. I never thought the result would be any closer to impeccable, but it was. It was.

P. S. The quality of the photos was a little reduced due to my resizing. Sorry for that.



And this is the end of my Wedding Posts Series. Thank you for your patience. Back to regular posting. ๐Ÿ™‚


The best part of them all.

Wedding Holiday: DAY 1

My husband may hate me for what I am going to say next, but I will only be speaking of the truth. The best part of the wedding holiday was not the part we said I Do; the best part was seeing our guests arrived at the airport by the truckload. If happiness contained calories, we would have so obese with all the happy fats.

The Paras Family

My colleague, Jeff and my wedding singer/ colleague, Denise.

approaching DIpolog City Airport


Ric’s dad and Ric with Mr. Jalosjos.

Mr. and Mrs. Slorach.

My colleagues

I could have not gotten a better host--my colleague, David.

My videographer ande Multiply buddy, Beatrix.

Ric’s colleagues

the bestfriend and the Groom's Man, Juanits.

Get well soon, Dels.

RIc's classmates in the university.

Destination: DAKAK

Discounting the two instances of cellphone thefts and cash worth 13, 000 Php, their stay was a bliss.

So glad to have you, B.


Mr. and Mrs. Paras


Reception at the beach.

It was a far cry from our original plans, but without the need for rhyme or reason, it was more than perfect in the end.

my adorable little bride, Krishamor

Our wedding cake with my design.

Our endless thanks to my colleagues, David and Denise for singing at my wedding. Also to ninong Jefferson Brana for attending to my wedding.

With a special number from Arra Arricivita.

My acoustic band who played romantic songs all night. They were simply superb.