Emmy around the world.

Since I am too lazy to do anything good, I will let Emmy do the work.

Meet Emmy, the absolutely stunning travel buddy of another gorgeous friend of mine. See the world through her eyes. P. S. Her beauty might distract you from her less competitive background. She loves her hat too much. She couldn’t leave the house without it. She is crazy like that. Hahahah!


Emmy, the trouble maker. ;)

Emmy, the trouble maker. 😉


Just landed in San Francisco International. Hmmmm. Shopping is in the air.


Looking forward to a day tour in the sun.

BaRt sanfo

The famous San Francisco cable car.

sanfo cable car at powell street

Time-traveling to Perth, Australia. This is called the Swan Bell Tower. Just around the corner is a popular bar called The Lucky Shag bar. Aussies….:)

swan bell tower perth

Painting the town red with my red lipstick and these playful roos.


A great day for a walk at the Stirling Gardens.

stirling gardens perth

I will always find time for a little shopping at London Court in Perth.

london ct perth

Fast forward to sunny days in the Middle East. Hello days off!!!

De-stressing with the breathtaking landscape of Musandam, Oman.

rock mountains musandam oman

Hopping on a dhow cruise, still here in Musandam, Oman.

dhowcruise musandam oman

fjords of musandam

Just could never have too much sunny days. 🙂 Vacationing at work in Mauritius.

I could smell the ocean from my window at Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel. Just love it!

labourdonnais waterfront hotel mauritius

All set for the catamaran cruise in my high heels. Hahah!

port louis mauritius

Hello there, my sun-worshiper friend!


28°C today, -5°C tomorrow–story of my life.

Contemplating whether I should go out or not at Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt. Brrrr.

radisson blu hotel frankfurt

Moving on with my Euro trip. Hello Barcelona!

A cathedral like no other–the Sagrada Familia.

sagrada familia barcelona

Getting a little bit up close and personal with Catalan genius, Antoni Gaudí at Parc Güell.

park guell barcelona

A little bit more of Gaudí at Casa Batllo, Barcelona.

casa batllo barcelona

Any smart guess of where I am now? Hahah! Venizia, of course!

gondolas venice


What was left of Doge’s Palace, once a seat of government of Rialto, Venice.


doge's palace venice

I am now at Piazza San Marco. But where are the pigeons?

piazza san marco venezia

Saying a prayer at the exquisite Saint Mark’s Basilica.

st mark basilica venice

Here’s a little peek at the watery interior of this Venetian city.


Flying back to my mommy’s homeland, the Philippines. Slowdown at Villa Escudero. 🙂

falls at villa escudero

You’re done meeting me. Now, meet my mommy. 🙂

Meet the original Ms. Em, Marien Javier.


The beautiful cabin crew sisters, mommy Marien and Aunt Laurel.


Kisses, kisses, kisses and more!


Valentine’s Day 2013

Found this really neat photo of an Emirates airplane that is very appropriate for Valentine’s day.


While I could not say that we are the best airline in the world, we are definitely one of the top bests. If you are looking for valid reasons to fall in love with us, I would say, check out our in-flight entertainment system and well…have a look at our cabin crews. Ahem. 🙂

So, today is Valentine’s day. For this year, hubby and I planned to keep our Valentine’s Day celebration simple. Instead of splashing serious cash on a dinner outside, we have decided to just stay at home and cook our dinner specialty. But that cannot be done without the help of a chilled bottle of Moet et Chandon rosé Champagne sitting in the fridge right now. 🙂 Thank you hubby for surprising me with the bubbly.


Meanwhile, our V-day started early at the JBR beach.

Starting the day early at the beach.  Time check: 0630 in the morning.

Starting the day early with a little picnic by the beach. Time check: 0630 in the morning.



Breakfast at IHop across the street.

Swiss Mocha coffee for her and French Vanilla coffee for him.

Swiss Mocha coffee for her and French Vanilla coffee for him. Plus a large plate of hot breakfast on the side.





With that, my day is more than solved!

We also received a precious love note from our little Cupid from faraway. We love you too our one and only.
Love, Mom and dad.



More cupcake tales.


I am happy…

So I baked cupcakes again.


20 minutes in the oven at 170 degrees.

20 minutes in the oven at 170 degrees. When the aroma of the cupcakes from the oven reach your nostrils, stick a toothpick to one of them. If it comes out clean of the sticky cake mix, then it is good to go.

The red velvet cream cheese topping infused with lemon zest.

The red velvet cream cheese topping infused with lemon zest. I also put more sour cream than usual, to capture that lemon-y flavor.

VOILA! Happy tummy. Happy me. ❤


Feeding my latest obsession—the party planning fever.



Chuvaness is over.

I have been following Cecile van Straten for God knows how long. In fact, my dear husband is a living witness to my slight addiction to her blog entries. As far as I can remember, there wasn’t a week when I miss to go online to check her blogsite. She’s very funny, chic, informative, always ahead of the news, fashionable and jologs in a very cute way. And of course, she’s a bitch and painfully unapologetic, but I take that as fierceness…just because I like her.

This entry is not a love letter for chuvaness, by the way, though it is definitely starting to sound like one. This letter, is actually, an official declaration of my self-imposed ban on chuvaness.com, which is the only blogsite that I really follow after Mandayamoore-orlis.blogspot.com published its final entry. This is going to be sad, but, from this day forward, my love for chuvaness ends. I am banning her from my necessary doses of cyber stalking for being friends with that sick excuse for an artist, Katinka Simonse, who broke her own cat’s neck and made a bag out of its skin so she can carry the cat anywhere she goes. Knowing about people like her makes me think that this world is so rotten. The only excuse I would take from her is if she’s as crazy as a loon. But art? Bitch, please! I look at you and I see a raging maniac who finds pleasure in parading your trophies of butchered animals to the world. And don’t tell me that you love animals. Cutting them into several pieces with their necks hanging on a wall or on a noose is the most hideous show of disrespect…and a serious mental disorder. I bet you don’t know that you are crazy. Crazy people don’t think that they are crazy.

And for you Chuvaness, good bye. P. S. Making friends with her does not make you look cool.

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” – Russian proverb

Katinka’s mutilated domestic animals.



This is how I feel when I am traveling. Without any past to hold me back, I can be whatever I feel I am. I can be a lonely girl running away from a broken heart. I can be an ultra successful woman just spending her days off. Or perhaps, I can be a real life princess who is trying to take back her freedom. All I got to do is enjoy the present…live for the moment…do a little bit of crazy…and write my own happy ending.
Traveling sets me free.