Could not get enough of Christmas markets.

Meanwhile in Dubai…

We had a Christmas market too. I know. I know. Dubai is a Muslim state. It is a desert. What could a Christmas market be doing in here? Well, anything is possible in Dubai, remember?

Our Christmas market was not bad at all. In fact, I honestly thought that it was one of the best that I have visited ever. Not that I have visited a lot, but I have visited enough to have a say on this one. First of all, it was huge. Second, it was well organized. Third, looked like they paid big bucks for the decoration. There was Santa Claus waiting for a free photo opportunity. A huge Christmas tree glittering with all kinds of Christmas trinkets stood in the middle of the venue while a train went around it. There was an ice skating rink. There was a fake snow blower. There was a play pen where kids could make snow angels and pose with the snowman, which my son AND (especially) MY SISTER really loved. There was a stall to make gingerbreads. I loved it. There was a huge inflatable slide, a trampoline and so so so much more!!! They even sold mulled wine over there and a blonde guy sang Christmas songs and played the guitar live!

Other than the “fake snow”, the Christmas market was overall a fantastic idea. The fake snow part sounds really awful but what to do. Dubai is pretty good in faking things. Whatever. At least they are spending their money on something worthwhile. What else should they be doing? Keep riding the camels and make sandcastles? 🙂


Souk Festive Market_614

Souk Festive Market_617

Souk Festive Market_626
















Speaking of…er, not original…I took my husband to the pyramids of Egypt. Not the real ones. Just over there at the mall. 🙂

So today, I took my husband to Wafi City for the first time in four years. This mall was the first mall that I visited in Dubai. I loved it then, I still love it now. It looks like a glass pyramid from the outside that is guarded by giant statues of the sphinx and pharaohs. It is definitely not your ordinary boring mall. The interior design is just crazy. In fact, it felt more like a little museum tour rather than a trip to the mall. Even if you only have a few days to spare in Dubai, this mall is still worth a visit. You might even find this more interesting than the more famous Mall of Emirates.

While it is unsafe to travel to Egypt at this time, this would do my Egypt tour for now.








Devoured Wagyu beef burger from SoHo grill at the Food Court.



Forget the Wagyu patty. This apple pie was a culinary explosion in my mouth. I scraped the plate clean down to its last few drops of melted ice cream. Scrumptious! I think I even ate it a little faster than normal so I did not have to share half of it with my husband. Hahah!


Happy monthsary to you, darling!