A little too late Christmas post.

I have noticed that in the past months, I have become too lazy. Could it be old age? Mid-life crisis catching up on me? Or perhaps, just my family’s warmth and comfort making me feel too cozy inside my cocoon to create a little stir. Whatever it is, I know I am happy. Today is no different from the past days, still the old, lazy me,but I could not sleep, so might as well go back to blogging.

November was a month of European destinations in my calendar. Most importantly, I set my heeled booties in Sweden for the first time. It was chilly in Stockholm during that time of the year, perfect to feel the Scandinavian Christmas cheer.

During Christmas season, flight attendants just love to visit Christmas markets in Europe, and that was exactly what I did. Put on my heeled boots, which were not really meant to tread on cobblestones. Had my glittery jacket on, which was a little too thin for the weather but I had not worn it for a long time so I packed it in my suitcase. We have this saying or phrase back home “tiis-ganda” which sort of translates to “to suffer for beauty.” That explains my unreasonable choice of outfit. Hahahah! At least I had a piping hot takeaway cup of coffee which made my long and cold solitary walk much more enjoyable.



Such a beautiful piece of currency.


I headed for the Old Town of Stockholm called Gamla Stan. Gamla Town is a very charming little square that dates back to the 13th century adorned with cobblestones, kinky alleys, merchant stores and tiny restaurants that could be much older than my great great great grandmother.

I have developed this penchant of taking a shoe selfie with the canal covers. 😛


A very long time ago, Stockholm used to be just the area of Gamla Stan. Through the years, its square area also expanded as the town grew into a major city. Many parts of the old Gamla Stan still remains, which is what makes it very interesting. Also, Gamla Stan architecture reminds me so much of Prague which was like a history book talking to me.

Here is my stroll to the Christmas market in the Old Town. Could not help but stop at the shops every few meters for touristy stuff and loads of sweets. 🙂

















I have photos of the Christmas market somewhere but I cannot find them anymore. All I got left was a photo of the glogg wine that I brought back in Dubai. At least I still remember enjoying my dinner of pasta with pork chunks in that restaurant facing the market. Never imagined that pork could go so well with pasta until that day.


The secret recipe for a warm winter night is that little Santa bottle which cost me almost nothing. Glogg wine is a mulled red wine served hot. Here is a traditional glogg recipe.



Here was how the Christmas market would look like if I had not lost my photos. It was just a tiny market but its location at Stortorget was perfect. This was the same location of the infamous Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520 where the Danish-Swedish king hanged and beheaded 90 Swedish noblemen. It could not get any more medieval than that, eh?



Something surprising that I learned during this brief trip to Stockholm was the number of islands that Sweden has. Just take a look of what I saw from the office window. Those are only a tiny part of the total 221 800 islands in Sweden. Never really thought of Scandinavian Europe to be an archipelago, but it is.



I sure had a pleasure spending quality time with myself in Stockholm. Then, I went home to this:



Our borrowed dog wrecked havoc at our throw pillows.

Hey there, Ice. We miss you!