This is what I did on the leap year.

P. S. Great photos ahead.



Paris, is without a doubt, a supermodel. It is beyond beautiful it will be a hard struggle to make it look ugly. All the historical places, the grandeur of its everything, the fashionable lifestyle, the narrow alleys and the vandals on the walls, and of course, the French language, how I love that accent, simply the madness of it all, its more than enough for a constantly hungry soul to feel alive. And I am always famished and greedy for adventures and spectacular experiences. That makes Paris my perfect muse.

I have to thank April big time for lending me your bestfriend, Uno, for day on an ultimately personalized private tour. Uno was amazing. He dressed up nicely, which is an important requirement when going out and about with me. One useful trick to looking great–hang out with those who do. Beautiful friends will make you look beautiful too. Most importantly, he showed me this pretty little boutique called Chanel. That consummated my Parisian experience pretty much. 🙂

My bag is all packed.
A bathroom photo as per usual.
Taking the outdoor inside. I could smell breakfast. Where is Uno?
Uno Banuno, my tour guide.

Home-baked cookies for Uno made by my friend Renee.
Uno’s gift for me–a golden journal and a bottle of red wine.
ze Red Hat
My favorite way to start my day–a hearty breakfast buffet. But not with those angry eye bags. Oh no!
Inside the hotel bus with the Latin mafia.


An Arabian novel in a French bookshelf

Cute display on the street.

Love those kinky eyelashes!

TRAINSPOTTING. Our metro diaries.

In the mood for the Oscar’s.

EYEs WIDE OPEN.  Keeping my eyes on the road for fabulous fashion inspirations. What better place to be but the extravagant Avenue des Champs Elysees?

Now, wives finally have something to counter our husbands’ Hooters photographs. A&F, thank you very much. Hahahaha!

The grand entrance to the A&F boutique - Paris. *grabbed from socialitelife.com

You have to walk through this courtyard before you get to the store where a bevy of the most beautiful salespersons await while dancing to a club tune.
SPOTTED: Emirates Airlines logo
The colorful Japanese girls in the center stand out amongst the city of Parisians in black.
This tour guide gets tired too.
A goddess on the street. That Little Red Riding Hood coat is so oooh lala!!!! That Louis Vuitton bag is exactly want I want to use for my future classes in Law School.
I felt like some creepy stalker for a few minutes there. Loved it! 🙂


One of the most famous landmarks in Paris–the Arc de Triomphe. This honors the fallen soldiers who fought for France during the Napoleonic Wars and French Revolution. Beneath its vaults lies the Tomb of Unknown Soldiers of World War I.

Panoramic photograph gone epic fail. 🙂 Turned out wonderful.
Thank you to our photographers.
An Egyptian pharaoh with European passport.
— I DO —


After several visits to Paris in four years, I have finally taken a decent photo of myself with the Eiffel. Stop at the Trocadero Station and be awed. This is where you get the best view of the most romantic tower in the world.

So many gorgeous photographs, I cannot choose.

TO THE LOUVRE, the official Residence of the Mona Lisa.

Photo by Uno of the small inverted pyramid at the Louvre.



I didn’t have new outfit for Paris so I bought a new lipstick instead. Tried to be faithful to the season’s trend–neon colors! 🙂

To the right of the Musee de Louvre is the Ponts des Arts. This was my first time to visit the Ponts des Arts, the first metal bridge in Paris, more famously known as a hot destination for love padlocks. Couples from around the world affix their padlocks to the bridge and throw the key into the water as a symbol of everlasting love. I left my traveler’s padlock, the fourth one, as a simple trail of my short adventure.

Now, look at that! Must be Koreans. They do the cutest things like wearing same outfit when traveling on honeymoon!

A beautiful shot by Uno.

A beautiful shot by Uno.

My padlock. The other three I left in Table Mountain, Goree Island in Senegal and somewhere in downtown Sao Paolo. 🙂

That is another Sharon. 🙂

A talented pianist at the Place Saint-Michel.

More beautiful shots by Uno.


If you follow the River Seine, you will always pass by the Notre Dame Cathedral, with its famous gargoyles that I missed!!! How could I? These gargoyles can be found at the Galerie des Chimères or the Grand Gallery.

A photograph by Henri Le Sac


A gargoyle surveying Paris from the ledges of the Grand Gallery. *grabbed from guardian.co.uk



The Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous landmark in Paris and the whole of France. This cathedral also houses the Archbishop of Paris, and is said to contain in its treasury the purported Crown of Thorns.

The Cathedral of Notre Dame from the River Seine.

Can be used as a urinal too for brother and sister. Tsktsk.

The western facade of the cathedral. The statues in the west front’s central portal depicts the Last Judgment.

The east end of the cathedral with its famous pinnacles and flying buttresses.

The dramatic interior

One of the Rose Windows.

The old chandelier where they used to put candles instead of electrical bulbs.

The northern walkway

An Archbishop’s tomb.


And that is the end of my photos. Let me know if you like them.



Four years later, none the wiser.

“How can you get over someone you love?” a friend asked me. The answer is simple. You fall out of love as soon as you find someone to replace him.


I have been telling the same thing to myself for four years, yet, I am barely successful. After two years of being single, it is safe to say that I am done and over with my two ex men. But sometimes, I do not know if I am telling or trying to convince myself about this.

Yep, I am that unreliable as a love adviser. So if you ever need advices on love, never turn to me. Like everyone else, love (or lust. it is hard to tell) makes me weak and crazy. 😉

In the picture: Psyche and Cupid at the Louvre Museum


the 14th of February

I almost forgot it was Valentine’s Day until I saw bouquets of red roses and hundreds more of different flowers on display in a flower shop in Paris. Of course, how could I miss it? Heart decorations have flooded the malls since the first day of February. Radio stations have been playing love songs nonstop. But still, there I was, strolling alone in the most romantic city in the world without any thought about the love month. If you were too excited to see the Louvre Museum, the Moulin Rouge, and the Eiffel Tower and you only had half a day to do it, you would have the same temporary amnesia like mine.

But if I had to say the real reason, I did not want to participate in celebrating Valentine’s Day because I did not want to. I did not want to because my heart is still incapacitated in the romance department. It does not involve any of my previous lovers. My heart is simply tired. I tried to open myself to new lovers for the sake of easing my loneliness but I could never feel settled. I am never convinced. My restless heart is never satisfied. I find young men too immature. On the other hand, I find older men too serious and cheesy. Especially when I start to think the long and time-consuming journey of courtship, it bores me already. That is why until now, (hard to say but…) I am still free.


 But  I still do believe, with all of my heart, in my happy ending. 🙂 I still believe in loving like crazy. I still believe, and am still waiting, for that one greatest, true love to turn my world around…again.